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The Story of God A Statement from the Artist

In the summer of 2012, the preaching team of Flushing Community Church of the Nazarene crafted a sermon series titled The Story of God. Set over the course of nine weeks, the series journeyed through the overarching story of the Bible from beginning to end. To help communicate this story, I was invited to create artwork that would guide the church along that journey visually. Each of the nine panels that make up this project accompanied one of the sermons and was presented to the congregation with its corresponding message. Like the messages themselves, the panels were designed to piece together, creating one continuous mural that captures God’s story as a whole. Because of this, certain images deliberately point forward to later components or reflect those that appeared earlier.

Since the conclusion of the sermon series in 2012, the completed mural has been on display in the church’s facilities. In that time, many people have viewed the artwork who were not present for the original sermon series. But the mural was not intended to simply illustrate the story as it was preached, but to tell the story itself. With that in mind, this guide has been created to help viewers understand the imagery and draw them deeper into the story. Here you’ll find identification of the images in each panel, a summary of each segment in God’s story, and references to where these appear in the Bible. As you read and examine the art, I hope you not only learn but personally connect with the story in new ways. After all, the story of God is not simply a story to hear, but one into which we are all invited to live.

-- Michael DeVuyst

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