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Spiritual Life

Midweek Dinner and Discipleship for All Ages

Boost returns this winter with a chance for everyone to enjoy fellowship and grow their faith! Join us Wednesdays, through March 15. Dinner will be available for everyone starting at 5:45 pm, then we'll break into age-specific groups for study and discussion from 6:30-8:00 pm. 

Adults will explore HOW TO READ THE BIBLE, an 8-week study on how we get the most out of God's word and get God's word into us. For some, reading the Bible can feel intimidating. But in this series, we'll discover that it's truly accessible and can be read and understood by everyone. We'll look at what the Bible is all about and discuss ways to read it that will allow us to gain deeper understanding of the text as well as listen for what God is speaking into our lives through it.

Children will begin THE STORY, a journey of discovering the Bible as one continuing story of God and his people. Kids of all ages will learn how this story unfolds from beginning to end as not only the truth of God's work in the world, but the power it has to change their lives. Preschoolers and Kindergarteners will hear the story in Tyke Town each night while they play. Grades 1-5 will engage the story in fun age-appropriate ways in Kid City. Teens (Grades 6-12) will begin in Kid City for a combined opening session, then break into small groups in the student loft to dive in and discuss each night's topic further. (Students are invited to bring a journal and a pen if they're interested in writing down notes and questions.)

Sign up at the link below.

Spiritual Life

The mission of our spiritual life ministry is to make disciples who are growing in the knowledge and likeness of Christ and to equip them for the work of ministry. To guide us in that mission, we have developed a model that identifies seven key areas of discipleship. We believe that it is God's desire for his church to grow in every way more and more like Christ, and in doing so, to be better equipped to share him with the world around us (Eph 4:11-16). As we give intentional focus to each of these discipleship categories, we allow God to use every opportunity to form us spiritually for his glory.

Join The Gathering, Sunday Mornings at 9:00!

The Gathering is designed for us to come together for great conversation around the Bible and life. Join us in person or online at 9:00 Sunday mornings, February 19 - March 26, for BREAKING POINTS. Everyone has their breaking points--those points at which we cannot handle “one more thing” and are on the verge of collapse. But what happens when our breaking points provide freedom instead of defeat? In this series we are going to look at Scripture to see how God calls us to break away from the things that prevent us from experiencing Him and the best He has for us. Everyone is invited to learn and grow with us! Sign up at the link below.

Grow Deeper in Community and Deeper in Christ

Faith is a journey. To grow, we need to go deeper. We believe this happens when we move toward more authentic relationships with Jesus and one another. That's what Life Groups are all about: growing closer to others and to Jesus so we can become more like him. Are you ready to grow?

To request a digital copy of our full listing of life groups, sign up at the link below.

Men's Breakfast

All men are invited to come for breakfast, fellowship, and hearing stories of God's work in our lives. This event takes place at 8:30 a.m. on the first Saturday of each month. This is a great opportunity to be encouraged and meet other men in the church.  Signup below so we can save you a seat! See Scott Bell for more details. 

Women's Yoga

Women's Ministry invites all ladies ages 14+ to join us for yoga on the 2nd and 4th Mondays of the month, from 6:00-7:00 pm in the student loft. This is a great opportunity to experience the physical benefits of yoga while utilizing prayer and Scripture along with the mutual encouragement that comes from building Christian community. Wear comfortable clothing. A suggested donation of $10/person will be received to cover the cost of instruction.

RightNow Media

We desire to see everyone grow in their faith and be equipped to live it out. As a part of that, our church has purchased access to an extensive, video library called RightNow Media. And we want to share it as a free gift for you! This huge library of faith-based videos can be accessed whenever and wherever you want—on your phone, tablet, computer, or on your TV at home. You will have FREE access to thousands of video resources to help you with parenting, marriage, discipleship and more, including content for all ages and stages of life. Simply click on the link below to create your private account and start watching right away! You can also download the RightNow Media app for your smart phone, tablet, Apple TV, Roku, or Amazon Fire TV.

Resource Center

Our resource center is a great place to find materials to help you grow on your faith journey: non-fiction and fiction books, book and video studies for personal or group use, Bible study tools, and more! We also welcome donations of gently used resources for consideration to keep our library growing. We have an easy-to-use check out system that allows you to borrow our materials then return them to be a blessing to others. The resource center is located across from our cafe. Stop in and take a look around.

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